Ambition Website Design and Development
Posted 4th June 2009

Known worked with Ambition to design and develop a fully customised publishing system for their website. ..more

Digital Ministry Website Design and Development
Posted 3rd June 2009

Digital Ministry had a site built on a Joomla platform which it had outgrown. Known was tasked with building a site and publishing system that could see many contributors and members accessing the site. ..more

Orange Whip Films Website
Posted 17th February 2009

Orange Whip Films were looking for a way to showcase their work. Their existing site had been designed in Flash and while visually OK it lacked the speed and subtlety to truly showcase the work. ..more

nicolangėla Website
Posted 16th January 2009

With nicolangela starting to expand into Europe and take on the big players of the Australian fashion industry, they needed a new website to really showcase their brand and show off their range. ..more

BeamMe.Info Branding and Website Design
Posted 23rd April 2008

BeamMe.Info is a web to SMS content delivery platform that allows a publisher to put a button on any content within their website. This button enables the user to se ..more

BurstSMS Branding and Website Design
Posted 23rd April 2008

BurstSMS is a whitelabel web application which facilitates the sending of bulk, broadcast SMS campaigns for your clients & yourself. ..more

Myer New Store Website
Posted 23rd April 2008

Known developed a site that allows the Myer staff and the general public to exchange information and ideas about the renovations of Myers Melbourne CBD store. ..more

Nicolangela Email System and Templates
Posted 23rd April 2008

Using the Known email marketing system Nicolangela is now able to send out their own visually rich emails. ..more

Worlds Greatest Shave 2008
Posted 23rd April 2008

Known was again asked to look after the website for the Leaukaemia Foundations Worlds Greatest Shave. ..more

Feral Productions Website
Posted 16th October 2007

After producing the Feral Productions corporate identity, we were asked to produce them a website. They wanted to show case their work and talk a little about themselves. ..more

Lunch for Leukaemia
Posted 16th October 2007

The Leukaemia Foundaion were looking fro a fresh new look for their Lunch for Leukaemia fund raising event. They wanted to use the existing website and place a new "skin" over the site. ..more

Maasai Project
Posted 16th October 2007

Known was selected to design and develop a new website Leon Christianakis to create awareness of his Maasai Project and to give more information to potential investors. ..more

I've Got Time Website
Posted 3rd August 2007

Bosett Concierges and I've Got Time have merged to become one company. We have just launched a combined new site based on the Bosett design. ..more

Lets Talk Webinar
Posted 2nd August 2007

The Let's Talk Webinar is an online presentation to upto 300 attendees online. ..more

F Sparkle Website
Posted 16th February 2007

F Sparkle required a website which integrated with its e-commerce system. ..more

Cuscal Intranet Logo
Posted 7th February 2007

Cuscal was looking for an identity for its internal intranet. They asked Known to develop some ideas for a logo that would suit its internal audience. ..more

Future Platform website redesign
Posted 4th October 2006

Future Platform, a management consultancy firm, needed their website refreshed with a more corporate global appeal, and new content organisation that was better aligned to their audience. ..more

Snog the Frog logo design
Posted 8th September 2006

Snog the Frog is a small costume and fancy dress shop based in Sydney looking to create a fresh, cheeky and fun identity. ..more

H3 Global Advisors Logo Design
Posted 28th July 2006

With the name and identity change of the business, H3 wanted a new brand that reflected the financial strength of the business. ..more

Mel Macpherson Logo Design
Posted 28th April 2006

She required an identity to help her push her skills in a male dominated field. ..more

Vince Hunt Identity Design
Posted 19th April 2006

His main priority was to demonstrate creativity and attention to detail. ..more

Bluefin Capital Identity Design
Posted 25th March 2006

The logo was designed to be both serious to represent trustworthiness and modern to represent foresight. ..more

Bluefin Capital e-publications
Posted 28th February 2006

As a new business Bluefin Capital required wanted to project a quality image in its publications without the expense of large quantities of print. ..more

Logo Design
Posted 6th February 2005

Portland Coast Water required a complete modernisation of its existing brand to bring the image of the business into line with its new values and positioning as a water conservation business instead of a water supply business. ..more